Hypothesis Science Journal

А.Е. Карлик

Chief Editor

Karlik Alexander Evseevich

Doctor of Economic Sciences,

The first issue of the journal was published on December 29, 2017.

Established in 2017 with the support of:
> Foundation for Support of International Business Cooperation "Fund for International Innovation Programs".
> St. Petersburg State Univeristy of Economic.

The mission of the journal is popularizing scientific research, and bringing their results to the international scientific community.
The journal is focused on studies carried out using an interdisciplinary approach, which allows to increase the level of scientific knowledge at a qualitatively new level.

The concept of the magazine offers to young researchers a fundamentally new platform for discussions, allowing to share their ideas and discoveries, as well as to engage in dialogue with more experienced representatives of the scientific community.

> publication of scientific research articles in a format as close as possible to international requirements for scientific articles;
> Bringing the results of scientific research to a wide range of scientific community.

The journal highlights current issues of economic, legal, sociological and other sciences.

Periodicity of publication: quarterly
Main languages: Russian, English
The journal is published in printed form. Articles will be available on the site.
Our authors are research scientists, teachers, graduate students, representatives of business and the public sector.